I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. You managed a very stressful and complicated situation, all the while keeping the stress low for me and helping me not lose heart. Again, words can not express my gratitude.


I was in a tough situation facing a felony and possible jail time, I was shopping around for lawyers getting quoted close to 10k until I called mastrogiovanni law firm not only was he the only lawyer that gave me advise on how I should handle this before I even hired him he was also willing to work with me with the payments. He pulled a miracle and was able to get the felony dropped to a misdemeanor! I am more than happy with his services and with out a doubt if I’m ever in trouble he will be the one I call


For representation in matters involving social security disability, criminal defense, and worker’s compensation claims, there are very few attorneys in the entire State of Florida that have the same degree of expertise and work ethic as attorney Michael Mastrogiovanni. His law firm is composed of individuals who share his same principles in terms of keeping the best interests of their clients first, and providing representation that is above board on all counts. Sadly enough, a lot of people don’t know the difference between having an attorney like Michael Mastrogiovanni and having an attorney who doesn’t share his same guiding principles. Consultantions with him are free. You owe it to yourself to have a consult before making a decision as important as the selection of representation.

Jessica A.

This office and associates were absolutely wonderful and amazing! They worked very hard on my disability case and after fighting with social security for 3 years we finally got the approval for my disability. Michael and his team will always have my gratitude for everything.


Atty Mastrogiovanni took my case, knowing it was going to be a tough case with Social Security, without ANY hesitation. He and his staff are AMAZING!!!! They are ALL very understanding, personable, and supportive. I am so pleased with them representing me and knowing that I have Atty Mastrogiovanni there by my side fighting FOR ME. If you want a lawyer that looks out for YOUR best interest, Atty Mastrogiovanni IS the one to hire.